The Best Indica Clones In California

Shedding Some Knowledge on Indica Clones

 Marijuana has many well-known benefits and it is a well-known fact remains that there are actually two main distinct varieties of this extremely miraculous plant. When you talk about cannabis, you usually refer to two main species of the cannabis plant; sativa and Indica. Cloning indica plants is a really common way of propagating marijuana. It helps you ensure a high degree of predictability with the genetics and guarantees quality control while our clones are nurtured during the early stages. This method also helps you bypass the long wait of growing plants from seed. In this article, we will shed some light on one of the most popular marijuana variety known as Indica plants.

Cannabis Indica plants are native to the Hindu Kush Mountains, located in the regions of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. This explains the reason why we also refer to it as Kush or OG Kush. Indica’s offer a great variety of strains to integrate into your garden and add to your grow cycle. You can expect a flower time of 6-9 weeks. Isn’t that amazing? By fully understanding the plant you are working with, you can properly plan rotational cycles. This gives the grower a better chance to yield more crops in a tightly calculated span of time. These plants are specially grown and bred, so if you’re looking for special insights into these plants, it’s best to contact us to get your questions answered.

Indica strains are notorious for their relaxing high as the plants naturally grow with higher concentrations of THC. This curbs the problem of lower poor quality THC-induced anxiety. We also have cannabis plants that are concentrated with a high volume of CBD content. This helps you get all the relaxation you need with the most medical properties present without having anxiety to bother your nerves. Indica is great for those who struggle a lot with sleep disorders. Indica smokers mostly feel relaxed, sleepy and have strong appetite eat.

Another special characteristic of Indica plants is that they don’t have a very large stature which means they occupy less space.  This stands out as another important reason in choosing Indica clones that could fit well within your growing conditions.

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Ever smoked an Indica plant where afterwards all the bad deeds you’ve ever done flashed by your innocent eyes and left you anxious like a rabbit after a gunshot noise?  Well, the reason we test our clones for the best genetics and highest quality of terpenes; you can relax more instead of feeling anxious after you take those tasty tokes from our OG Marijuana Plants Collection.

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