Why You Shouldn't Buy Clones For Sale On Craigslist

Did you hear from your friends how one of them tried to purchase clones from someone on Craigslist and how he took a magnifying glass to his plants to find a bunch of mites? And when he tried connecting to the seller, all he got in return was the message of "Wrong Number" from the listed phone number on Craigslist. You surely felt bad about your friend's experience but at the same time, a bit relieved that you did not contact anyone on Craigslist. Even thought people turn to Craigslist every day, you surely don’t want to be the one who gets duped by questionable plants.


If you are the one who stayed away from Craigslist, you are surely a smart individual. Nobody  should blindly follow Craigslist because it is full of random sellers who have little to no experience with successfully propagating and nurturing fresh cut clones.


You will find many ads claiming to give you the best quality Marijuana plants in California. But guess what? This is nothing but a hoax to take your money and send you some rotten plants and disappear. You don't get to speak to them or find out who exactly they are because the phone numbers listed on the Craigslist for the seller is as doubtful as the service they offered. So, please beware and act smart. To ensure you purchase marijuana clones from an authenticated supplier, do a little bit of homework before placing your order. If you are looking to place an online delivery order for the best quality marijuana clones, OG Marijuana Plants is one of the best choices in California. We deal in the biggest inventory of Marijuana varieties from Sativa, Indica to new age hybrids that can blow your senses away in a good manner.


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So, in short, we take care of all your needs. We carry different varieties of clones from all across the world. We take extra care of our patients who are looking for specific clones of medical marijuana for different types of chronic conditions. Our shipping methods are proven to be the best and most applauded by our customers all throughout California.