2018 Most Popular Strains

Clones and Organic Marijuana and OG Wax

The purpose of our cannabis organization is to help people in need, and growers that need marijuana plants for their legal grow.  Many people need Marijuana, and many patients have disabilities and for that reason home or business transportation needs are on the rise. Members of our association must present with some medical condition diagnosed by a California physician to participate, until January of 2018.  Such documents must be verifiable and maintained in digital and physical format on record with our collective secretary.

Our collective secretary can be reached by emailing docs to Organic420Products@gmail.com and is charged with the sole responsibility of record keeping along with authenticity and verification.  All our staffed drivers are verifiable and pass a series of corresponding checks and balances such as clearance of DMV records, insurance verification, contractor license information and are reliable and deliver your Organic OG Products on time!