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The purpose of our cannabis organization is to help people in need, and growers that need marijuana plants for their legal grow.

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Our Genetics are A Cut Above!

What To Expect:

From the moment your plants arrive, you will absolutely fall in love with the quality of your marijuana clones. What separates us from the rest? Our satisfaction comes when we bring you clones that satisfy all your senses and leave you feeling all giddy inside.

OG Marijuana Plants is the best way to receive clones that you can rely on. Why go to Craigslist or Weedmaps and endlessly search around for plants that may very well leave you disappointed? It’s a waste of time, energy and effort that will leave you all wound up in a ball of frustration!

Instead, you can eagerly await your fresh set of clones that reach our high-quality standards!

- Bright FUZZY roots and absolutely dark GREEN leaves

- No Mites, bite marks, eggs or larvae

- No Powdery Mildew

- No Root Aphids or flying pests

- No Hermaphrodites

 It makes all the difference when your clones arrive ready for you to take them through the next part of their magical journey.

California Clone Delivery

When we say we deliver to all of California, we mean it! We have a crew of dedicated drivers ready to bring you what you need, when you need it.

We know how excited our patients get knowing their marijuana clones are arriving soon – Many even say it’s better than their favorite holiday!

Why? Our quality control is top-notch; We’re determined to be the most reliable collective that offers the absolutely best nursery clones that are delivered straight to you.  

Our online ordering form makes it an absolute breeze to securely place your order. We schedule your delivery shortly after and make sure your clones arrive in pristine condition!

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